Maintenance Matters – Things To Check Before the Winter sets in Winter Tips

  1. Gutters, downpipes, roofs – ensure they are in good condition and able to bear the brunt of Winter storms. It’s often difficult for builders to do major repairs in the Winter.
  2. Lag outside pipes to prevent them bursting in freezing conditions
  3. Check fences are in good order. Repair and paint them.
  4. External walking areas – make sure they are washed down to prevent build-up of slippery moss. If there is already moss use a fungicidal wash to kill it off.
  5. Trees – if there are any on or overhanging your property ensure they are in good order and unlikely to get blown down. Some trees have Tree Preservation orders on them (such as old oaks etc.) if in doubt contact your local authority for advice.
  6. Outside Lights – check they are working properly before the dark evenings roll in.
  7. It’s a good idea to check you know where the stop cock is and to occasionally turn it to ensure it’s not become stiff.

Our team of specialists at Maintenance Matters can help with all aspects of being prepared for the winter weather, from a blocked gutter, cracked, broken or dislodged roof tile plus more – Please contact us today for a free no obligation quotation.

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